Custom orders

Customization / Special Orders / Wholesale for Fundraising 

Keepin’ It Young offers many special services for the needs of retailers, organizations, associations, tournament directors and those active in fundraising. We have provided more information below on these individual services. When requesting these services please use the “contact us” form to communicate your requirements.


Keepin’ It Young can provide our customers with special logo designs incorporated into our logo design. Some of the most popular requests are to include the city and state directly under the logo, similar to the Carlsbad, CA logo design we offer on our shirts. We have included these t-shirts in our offerings as we are proud of our home base, which is in Carlsbad. We also can offer a co-logo, where an organization or association can add their logo to the sleeve of the t-shirt for sales to their membership. If you are not sure do not hesitate to ask, we try to accommodate all requests. When customizing orders minimum order quantities will apply.


Special Orders

We offer this service for customers that are looking to have either a custom design or special design requirement. In the right situations we also will have our logo endorse a product or service. Keepin’ It Young is always open to producing new designs and we welcome our customer’s suggestions. If we choose to use a design for our offerings we waive any artwork charges for the special order. When placing special orders minimum order quantities will apply.



Are you the one in charge? Are you coordinating a fundraiser for a good cause? Keepin’ It Young is interested in helping your organization. Our fundraising services offer our t-shirts at wholesale pricing for your event to provide you with affordable way to provide gifts, raffle items or attaining sponsorship for an event. By adding a co-logo on the t-shirt sleeve or right chest plate you can advertise your organization or event for any fundraising drive. We only require that you submit your logo electronically and we handle the artwork. We help you meet your goals for a successful fundraiser.